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About Us


38 Years and counting...

We love wood.  There, we said it. 

Since 1980, we've been cutting, shaping, and sanding this beautiful material into everything from cradles to tables; from a custom art piece to one-of-a-kind gifts that always please.

Best of all, we are proud to say that we are a family company with a tradition of integrity and fine craftsmanship that has remained unchanged over nearly four decades.

Custom work  

From our earliest days, we have loved collaborating with customers to create pieces that commemorate a significant event, add a personal touch to a home, or bring tactile beauty to a commercial or residential space.  Woodwork is valuable, but we build a relationship with our clients that makes each piece priceless.

Sustainable and responsible

Buying something made of solid wood is one of the most environmentally responsible decisions you can make.  Finely crafted wood pieces pass from one generation to the next...and that's more than can be said for anything you buy from a major retailer.  

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