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Drill Attachments

Introducing Microplane® Rotary Shaper Drill Attachments for low speed power shaping without clouding the air with dust. Works great on a drill press!


1200 RPM Maximum Speed - Not designed for use with a router!

In some conditions the Microplane® Rotary Shaper cavities may become packed, which can cause overheating of the tool and loss of tooth set. To preserve the useful life of the tool, check for packing frequently by stopping and clearing the cavities BEFORE they become too tightly packed.

The likelihood of the tool becoming packed will depend on various conditions such as the material being cut and the cutting speed at which the material is removed. (For example: cutting parallel to the grain in soft cedar will make curly chips that will pack the cavities of the tool.)

30028 1" Microplane® Rotary Shaper

Diameter: 1"

30027 1 1/2" Microplane® Rotary Shaper

Diameter: 1 1/2"

30026 2" Microplane® Rotary Shaper

Diameter: 2"